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Rafting Kayaking

Set in the surrounds of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal has the most scenic and diverse white water-water experiences on the planet. From short trips for beginners to long trips and kayaking certification through jungles and mountain rivers: the choices are limitless. For the entire water enthusiast, Nepal offers you endless white rivers that descend from the highest mountains of the world, along stretches of silver sandy beaches, where adventure seekers can enjoy numerous water sports and adventures. Among all White-Water rafting & Kayaking spots, Karnali River, Sunkoshi & Tamor are of world class categories spot with very adventurous and thrilling, rapids , grade & scenario. Enjoy deep river gorges to wide river basins on the Sunkoshi, Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, where rapid grades from 1-6 & diverse terrain meet exotic flora and aquatic life. Rivers like the Marshyangdi & Arun provide some of the most scenic views for rafters. Diverse wildlife & flora, along the routes, add to the essence of these trips. Another thrilling water sport is kayaking which is getting popular gradually day by day. One can join the paddling community, where Kayakers from all around the world meets, participate in group tours and stay connected through social media and share stories.

Some popular rivers that are open for Rafting are:

  • Upper Seti River
  • Trishuli River
  • Marshyangdi River
  • Kali Gandaki River
  • Karnali River
  • Sunkoshi River
  • Tamor River
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